Friday, November 10, 2017

Solo Run

Zorro and my first "solo skijor run"...
"Such nice snow!!!" exclaims happy Zorro.
Our first skijor run since the loss of Max (see Miss You Max), so it was a mix of sad and happy as Zorro and I were missing our partner but really enjoying being out on the snow-covered trails doing our favorite thing.

We had a fun mix of activities and terrain on this outing at Rabbit Ears Pass.

We started from one of the more popular trailheads. It is still hunting season at Rabbit Ears and there was 15+ inches of new snow. This meant we encountered a range of snowmobile tracks and 4WD tracks along the high use areas. Zorro was quite happy to switch into high gear and floor it along the fast packed terrain:
Little Zorro catching air as we skijor the fast-packed terrain near the trailheads.
After going full throttle for a while, we got to enjoy another favorite activity: smelling fresh moose tracks!!! I let Zorro take me off-trail to follow the delicious smelling moose tracks. We never spotted the moose itself, but filling your nose with the scent of moose was almost as good!
"Sniff, sniff - yum! Moose was here RECENTLY!" declares my moose inspecting partner.
After failing to find a moose, we returned to the main trail to continue on. I expected to find the same snowmobile+4WD fast-packed terrain the rest of the outing. But, to our surprise, the vehicle tracks ended and we found ourselves breaking trail in about 12 inches of fresh powder for almost 1/3 of the outing! What an aerobic workout for short Zorro and I!
12+ inches of untouched powder as far as the eye can see! Breaking trail with little Z - whee!
Our final form of entertainment for the day: rolling snow angels!!! Zorro was in rare form getting his entire body deep into the snow and dousing his head with powder:
"Ah, now this is a 'Siberian Facial'!" demonstrate snow playing Zorro.

A short, fun day returning to the snow with my wonderful partner Zorro: 4.7 miles traveled with 400 feet of elevation climbed.

2017/2018 Season to Date: 4 days on the trails covering 27.1 miles with 2800 feet of elevation climbed.

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