Tuesday, April 6, 2021


First tracks on the newly groomed speed track atop Rabbit Ears Pass. Wheeee!

First tracks on the groomie zoomie!

What a difference a day can make. Yesterday we skijored the meadows of Spring Crust around Walton Peak as the set trails were really beat up and icy. Well, 24 hrs later and the groomer had come out to smooth over the main snowmobile trails. So, today found Jack, Rudy and I being first tracks on the newly groomed speed track!

Flying along the groomie zoomie!

Come along for some video fun from the morning as we are skijoring along gently rolling terrain. Love gliding behind these two!

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

We did an "out & back" on the groomed track. So, we eventually had to turnaround. We stepped off track to turnaround and, well, I stopped to turn my skis around. Stopped...

"You stop & turn; we stop, drop & roll!" demonstrates the snow rolling goofs.

Funny interaction we had with some skiers on the way back. We encountered them as we were flying around a bend in the trail. They had a tiny loose dog with them, so I instructed Jack & Rudy to stop. The group then wanted to talk about skijoring.

If you have ever cross country skied, then you know you have to fan your skis out to propel yourself uphill and to go fast on flat stretches. Well, apparently this group had been discussing for miles how there could be a parallel set of cross country ski tracks going uphill. "What kind of machine was making these parallel uphill tracks?" they told me they'd been wondering. I laughed, pointed at Jack & Rudy and replied, "It's all them, they are a powerful machine!" The skiers also laughed and said, "At least we know the machine was sled dogs, makes sense now! Your parallel uphill tracks were quite impressive." 

"Is that really a dog?" asks Jack & Rudy looking at the tiny
thing on the other side of the skiers stopping to admire
the impressive sled dogs.

What a nice compliment from this group of skiers about Jack & Rudy's ability to propel me uphill with parallel ski tracks. Right guys?

"Piece of cake. All in a day's work!" adds the happy kids.

Back to the trailhead to relive the outing with elder Zorro who also impressed many a curious onlooker during his skijoring career!

"Remember, me first!" Zorro nudges me.
"Glad we were able to put on a show!" adds happy Jack & Rudy.

A fast & fun groomie zoomie day: 9.4 miles traveled with 700 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 24 MPH.

2020/2021 Season to Date: 131 days on the trails covering 1072.0 miles with 89,800 feet of elevation climbed.

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