Sunday, November 21, 2021


Laying fresh tracks all morning long atop Rabbit Ears Pass!

Perfect conditions, freshies all to ourselves, beautiful sled dogs!

We got out early on the trails at Rabbit Ears in hopes of getting some fresh tracks fun before running into others and/or existing tracks. Well, we more than exceeded our expectations. We did a large loop near and around Dumont Lake and were laying fresh tracks the entire outing! We did not see another soul or even a set track from a recent traveler. Just new snow all to ourselves! Wheeee!

Opposite direction from the prior photo (look a the shadows :) but still
untouched snow all to ourselves.

Turning again as we loop around Dumont Lake. Third verse, same as first: fresh tracks in wonderful new snow all to ourselves!


Today's video highlight? Well, what else except a nice clip of Jack & Rudy laying fresh tracks as they propel me through the morning's fresh snow.

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

We had to make a sharp left turn at one point to continue around Dumont Lake. Well, hard lefts requires the human on skis to slow and/or pause briefly. Well, slow down or stop, same result from Jack & Rudy.

Apparently I was going slow enough to perform a hard left on skis
that Jack & Rudy thought I stopped. Stop time (or even slow turn time)
is goofball snow angel roll around time :)

Back to the trailhead to tell retired mentor Zorro all about the morning fun. Zorro is always ready to listen to me. Jack & Rudy? Well, they listen "on trail" so I guess they can be in la-la-land once we are stopped at the trailhead.

"Glad you came back!" says handsome elder Zorro.
"La la!" adds Jack & Rudy.

A fun & aerobic fresh tracks morning: 7 miles traveled with 500 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 19 MPH.

2021/2022 Season to Date: 13 days on the trails covering 91.5 miles with 8800 feet of elevation climbed.

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