Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Just Enough

Jack & Rudy in a nice "sprint tuck" as we open up the skijoring throttle on Boreas Pass this morning.

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

There were reports from the ski resort of upwards of 6 inches of new snow overnight. We knew this new snow would be at higher elevations, so we headed back to our "early season go to" of Boreas Pass to seek out the new snow. Well, we did not find 5-6 inches of new snow! Instead we found trace amounts to about 2 inches at the deepest. Bummer. But, the ground was frozen under the light layer of new snow. We can skijor uphill with a trace of new snow over frozen ground; but it is not safe to come downhill on such thin conditions. 

Off we go up Boreas Pass with only a trace of snow over
frozen ground (note the exposed ground ahead and to the left of Rudy).

With such thin conditions, Nancy & Zorro gave us a 30 minute head start and then started driving up Boreas until they ran into us. I was expecting that we'd be going up all morning without enough snow anywhere to come down. But, woo hoo - look at the first picture above and the one below. We actually did find two stretches of REALLY nice conditions. After going up of these stretches, we turned and sprinted back down for a nice speed burst before turning and coming back to continue up Boreas. These two stretches were very nice though!

Woo Hoo - the Hover Huskies catching air on one of our two
"pedal to the metal" stretches along Boreas Pass.

Come along for a quick video highlight of one of the two perfect stretches. Jack & Rudy had a great time towing me up Boreas; but they really enjoyed the two "pedal to the metal" sections where we had just enough cover to uncork the skijoring engine.

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Eventually, we met up with Nancy & Zorro. Sweet Z is always so happy to meet back up with us!

"Hi dad! Glad you came back!" says happy Zorro.

What are Jack & Rudy doing in the prior photo? Well, I've learned that sometimes it's best NOT to ask what the two crazy kids are up to! Whatever weirdos, I'm focusing on happy Zorro :)

Back to the Jeep with Zorro, well you know what that means - end of run treats!

"Just making sure you remember ME FIRST!" says Zorro leaning
hard into my arm & chest :)
"Fun day, fun day!" declares the happy kids.

Enough new snow to skijor up Boreas and just enough cover to turn around and open up the throttle on a couple of downhill grades: 5.8 miles traveled with 650 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 19 MPH.

2021/2022 Season to Date: 7 days on the trails covering 49.7 miles with 4900 feet of elevation climbed.

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