Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Narrow Trails

Jack & Rudy cruising along Boreas Pass, wheeee!

Zooming along the fast packed trail.

Our route today took us into the backcountry to skijor from Baldy Mountain to Boreas Mountain. Despite the nice, wide photo above, we actually spent the majority of the day in single track trails only one Siberian Husky wide:

Following Jack in a single track tucked away far in the backcountry
between Baldy and Boreas.

Jack is the natural leader in our pack. So, he typically takes lead whenever we are on narrow single tracks. I expected this type of narrow trail between Baldy and Boreas. But, what was surprising was that popular Boreas was also a single track trail once we dropped onto it high up on Boreas Mountain. When our single track runs extend for long distances, Jack & Rudy will switch positions now and then to give Rudy a chance to run point. Honestly, Rudy prefers to run second and Jack prefers to run first; but when the single track extends for a long distance, they will alternate and let Rudy take lead to give Jack a break :)

Once on Boreas, we were surprised to find the trail still a single track.
Oh well, still fun and time to let Rudy get some exercise as lead :)

As I mentioned, Boreas is a very popular trail. So, as expected, once we got down the mountain a bit, the packed trail became wider and wider. As soon as both could fit, Jack & Rudy aligned shoulder to shoulder to open the throttle:

Wide enough to zoom! Wheeee!

Further down we came, the wider it got. While the trail in the first photo above was plenty wide, check out how the trail became "4 or 5 Siberians wide" once we got closer to the trailhead. Oh, and nice views of Breckenridge Ski Resort across the valley from us too :)

Wide trail, nice views, fun Jack & Rudy!
Back to the trailhead to meet up with retired mentor Zorro. Is Rudy sticking his tongue out at me? Ha, no, he loves to "smack his lips" in anticipation of 'end of run' treats. So, a still shot in the middle of a smack tends to capture him "sticking his tongue out" - funny kid! I love Zorro's face in this shot too; the old man still loves the starts & ends of every skijor outing :) 

"I still LOVE our outings!" says affectionate Zorro.
"Zorro taught us sooooo much!" says happy Jack.
"SLURP, SMACK!" adds silly Rudy.

Fun day in the backcountry on mostly single track trails: 9.9 miles traveled with 900 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2021/2022 Season to Date: 59 days on the trails covering 472.1 miles with 44,100 feet of elevation climbed.

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