Sunday, January 15, 2023


Fun "shot from the front" as we fly by Nancy near the trailhead this morning!

"Wheeee - look at happy, happy meeee!" says both kids flying by Nancy
on the side of the trail.

My original plan was to skijor a route similar to yesterday where we'd mix up single track side trails with wide groomed trails on Gold Run Nordic Center. But, once we got onto our first side trail, it was "uh oh!" as the trails got a lot of traffic on this busy holiday weekend since yesterday morning. The result? Well the side trails were slick to icy - yuck!

What did we do? Well, I quickly guided us onto the groomed trails of the nordic center. Then, I talked Jack & Rudy into doing the upper Preston Loop 3 times before continuing on the main spur back to the trailhead. The nordic trails were perfect and recently groomed. It was zoom, zoom, zoom from that point on!

Zooming on the wide groomed trail!

It is so cool sometimes to watch Jack & Rudy take corners. They pack their bodies as far left or right as possible depending on a left or right bend in the trail. I, on the other hand, have to swing out far in the opposite direction to have any hope of getting through these bends with them. Here's what I mean:

Jack & Rudy hugging the right side of the trail as we just came out of a
right corner in the trail where I needed to swing far out left to make it too!

Come along for pass #2 of our 3 passes along this upper loop at the nordic center. If you are paying close attention, you'll see me drift far left twice even though the trail is straight. Look closely at the exposed dirt under the low tree branches at these two points. First, I can't fit under the low branches :) Second, my skis can't touch that exposed ground without me wiping out! Good thing I know this trail well enough to already drift left for just the low branches! Top speed in this clip? 25 MPH! Zoom.

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

I've never asked Jack & Rudy to do three passes on the same loop before. We'll often do two passes on a fun loop; but I know a third is pushing my luck at they may balk as we've already done it twice. Here was the reaction when I announced we were doing a third loop:

"Well, I've got to stop, drop & roll before any such silliness!" says Jack.
"Woooo! Really? Well, woooo!" responds wooing Rudy.

Don't worry, after a snow angel from Jack and woo from Rudy, both agreed to zoom around the loop again.

Back to the first photo, it was a "Hi mom, bye mom!" fly by Nancy today. Sometimes they'll slow to flirt with her and sometimes they just want to impress her by FLYING on by. Today was fly day :)

"Bye mom - we've got end of run treats to get to!" announces the fast
kids flying on by Nancy.

A nordic zooming outing: 9.8 miles traveled with 600 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 25 MPH.

2022/2023 Season to Date: 63 days on the trails covering 546.6 miles with 47,700 feet of elevation climbed.


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