Wednesday, May 22, 2024

1300 Miles

Look at what Jack & Rudy accomplished this morning!

"And we thoroughly enjoyed EVERY single mile!!!" says the happy
and proud kids.

Yes, this is the fun kids' third straight season with over 1300 miles of skijoring! The 6 year olds actually have 5 straight seasons with over 1200 miles of skijoring; but it is just the last 3 that have surpassed 1300 as well. Quite the accomplishment for my young pals!

To top if off, guess what we got condition-wise to surpass 1300 miles this morning? Well, we found ourselves laying fresh tracks in 3-5 inches of fluffy new snow atop Vail Pass! I knew we were supposed to get a dusting of snow overnight, but I never expected it would turn into 3-5 inches of very light & fluffy snow. What a treat for late May!

We started the day weaving through some trees to enjoy the fresh snow. It takes a lot of confidence in your partners to go "tree skijoring" as you are winding through trees by voice commands. But, I totally trust Jack & Rudy!

Whee - laying fresh tracks weaving through the trees!

Eventually the trees thinned and we got to the vast open meadows atop Vail Pass. Conditions were mid Winter PERFECT at this elevation. Just look at this beautiful photo:

Is it May 22 or January 22?
The power twins blasting through upwards of 5 inches of fresh & fluffy snow.

We skijored up one side of a large ravine to then come back down the other side. So, we were laying fresh tracks ALL day long! The mountain views on the way back are quite stunning!

Still laying fresh tracks with cool mountain views ahead of us.
The "cuts" you see in the trees directly above Rudy are the ski runs
of Copper Mountain Ski Resort.

With such awesome views in the prior photo, we'll use that for today's video highlight. Come along and watch fun as we had an amazing fresh tracks skijor this May 22nd!

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

You know what else fresh & fluffy snow is good for? Well, rolling snow angels with gusto, of course :)

Stop, drop and roll goes the silly kids at one pause during the outing.

What a beautiful way to surpass 1300 miles, right guys?

"Oh that was FUN! Glad summer only lasted 3 days!" says the happy kids
thrilled to be back on snow after 3 LONG days off :)

Today's fresh tracks fun: 8.4 miles traveled with 900 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 22 MPH.

2023/2024 Season to Date: 154 days on the trails covering 1301.2 miles with 129,200 feet of elevation climbed.

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