Thursday, November 16, 2023


Yay for active snowfall coming down on us while skijoring this morning!

Yay for Flakes!!!! 
Notice all the white speckles (snowflakes) against the trees as well as all
the snow you can see on Jack's black fur.

We has so much fun yesterday, we did the exact same outing again today. The only difference? Well, yesterday it was sunny whereas today it was snowing almost the entire outing! Yay for Flakes!!!

As with yesterday, we redid one section of trail 4 times (twice each direction) and then another section of trail 4 times (twice again in each direction). This meant we had 8 turnaround events during the outing. Jack & Rudy cannot pass up that many turnarounds without putting on a comedy show:

Turnaround at the Hallelujah Warming Hut.
Turnaround, roll around!
Notice the exposed ground just up trail from us - thus the reason this
was one of our turnaround points!

Yesterday we had 8 snow angels from Jack at the 8 turnaround points and we had 6 snow angels from Rudy as he surprisingly just turned around at two without any added comedy. Not today... Rudy remembered that he also woos at turnaround points :)

"Woooo! Love snowflakes!" belts singing Rudy as Jack does his usual
turnaround roll around.

Now for today's fun video highlight. Come along as Jack & Rudy are flooring it fast along this stretch of trail as active snowfall comes down around us. Yay for Flakes!!!

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Now nearing the end of the outing and notice anything wrong with this photo?

Jack & Rudy are perfect but the snow has let up significantly from what
you saw in the prior photos and video (this is our second pass on this segment
whereas the video was the first pass on this same segment).
Boo, we want more snow...

If you thought the subsiding snow in the last photo was a letdown, well how about this as we prepared for end of run treats at the trailhead.

"We had a blast today!" says the happy, happy kids.
But, BOO for the sun & shadows as the snow has stopped completely
as we finished the morning outing.

A fun skijor amidst active snowfall for almost the entire outing: 8.8 miles traveled with 800 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 21 MPH.

2023/2024 Season to Date: 12 days on the trails covering 96.2 miles with 9800 feet of elevation climbed.


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