Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Rudy Saves the Day

Hey Moose, could you move over a bit so we can play on through?

See the moose? Look directly up from Rudy's right ear.

Still not convinced it is a moose? How about zooming in as much as I can without blurring the photo? I'll keep Jack & Rudy's ears in the zoom for reference to the photo above :)

Yep, big lady moose directly up from Rudy's right ear!

As we encountered this moose in front of us this morning, I shouted out "Hey moose, could you move over a bit so we can play on through?" What did she do after I yelled this out 3 times? Well, she simply turned her head to stare at us. I was about to give up and turn us around when Rudy belted out one of his patented wildlife moose screams. Tada, that worked, Rudy's scream caused her to saunter off into the trees. Rudy Saves the Day!!!!!

Where were we skijoring today? Well, we went back to Breckenridge Ski Resort as the resort is still not open for the season but there is a lot of snow to use on the mountain. We spent part of the day skijoring in snowmobile tracks that employees have laid all over the mountain as they prep to open next week:

Cruising along as we are following snowmobile tracks and passing
under a ski lift.

Then, as you get a little higher in elevation on the mountain, there is TONS of untouched powder on the ski runs. I know which runs are light in weeds & rocks from summer hikes, so it was safe to go powder hopping in these stretches of ski runs. Wheeee!

Untouched powder all to ourselves!

Back to the snowmobile tracks, come along and watch as we glide along the ski resort and cross under one of the ski lifts and then approach another lift (we had to stop right before the second lift due to exposed ground).

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Turnaround time has one absolute guarantee - Jack rolling snow angels. Rudy, though, is the constant wildcard. What will be his turnaround antic - wooing or rolling? I have fun trying to guess which Rudy will come out at our turnaround - I am only right about 50% of the time!

"Always rolling!" declares snow rolling Jack.
"I already screamed at the moose, so I'm rolling today!" adds silly Rudy.

Back to the base of Peak 9 to end the outing and we found a nice step up to one of the service buildings for Jack & Rudy to get close to my level for end of run treats. In between the first and second treat and the kids were still savoring the first :)

"Slurp! Yum! Got more?" slurps the funny kids.

Another fun day making use of the trails on Breckenridge Ski Resort before they open for the season: 7.3 miles traveled with 1000 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

2023/2024 Season to Date: 5 days on the trails covering 39.1 miles with 4400 feet of elevation climbed.

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