Saturday, November 11, 2023


Great shot of airborne Jack & flying Rudy along one of the great stretches of trail this morning!

Whee - love opening up the skijoring engine! Pedal to the metal!

What did I mean by "one of the great stretches" above? Well, it's still early season and it has been a somewhat dry and warm November. We were skijoring the upper elevation trails at Breckenridge Nordic Center this morning in hopes the high elevation terrain would still be in good shape. Well, it was a mix. Whenever we were in relatively shaded areas, the conditions were great. But, whenever we were in very sun exposed areas, it was, well, ugly!!!

Normally Jack & Rudy are not big fans of redoing a section of trail again & again. But, given the contrast between "good trail conditions" and "bad trail conditions" this morning, they were very willing to repeat anything good. They get it :)

"Yep, we get it - we'll repeat any & all good patches to avoid conditions
like this!
" declares the smart kids looking back to me once we encountered
this ugliness.

So, we repeated one nice groom stretch 3 times, then we went off trail and repeated a fun single track 2 times. We then repeated another off trail single track 2 times before returning to the groomed terrain and repeating another nice stretch 2 more times. That's a lot of repeats for Jack & Rudy, but they understood why we were doing it after seeing the trail conditions in the prior photo :)

Off the main groomed trail and in a single track cruising by the
Kathy's Viewpoint warming hut.

Now come along for the video counterpart to the prior photo. We had a blast bouncing along in and out of the existing single track as we flew on by the warming hut. At the end of the clip, we turn right and are back on the groomed terrain again.

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Back to the main (groomed) trail and time to put smiles on people's faces whenever we fly on by :)

"Hi! Bye! Made you smile!" says fun Jack & Rudy cruising on by
an oncoming skier we encountered.

Now back to the daily comedic interlude from Jack & Rudy. Will it be snow angels from both or angels from Jack and woos from Rudy?

Today was woos and angels for your entertainment!

Finally, back to the trailhead for end of run treats. Not the best camera angle (I guess Nancy is still in early season form too with the camera), but still some very happy & focused sled dogs!

"We earned them today!!!" says the focused kids.

A pretty unique outing for us with 9 repeats of the good patches of trail we encountered; but Jack & Rudy were quite willing to do all these repeats if meant keeping toes on snow and uncorking the skijoring engine! 9.1 miles traveled with 900 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

Unfortunately, with a very warm temperatures today, we are out of skiable terrain until it snows again. Pray for Snow!

2023/2024 Season to Date: 10 days on the trails covering 78.6 miles with 8200 feet of elevation climbed.


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