Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Dive, Dig, Dunk

Jack & Rudy were in rare comical form on the trails yesterday morning!

Both silly kids dunking their head in the hole in the snow they dug
searching for rodents!

It did not help that we had tons of "wildlife distractions" to egg on the two silly kids. They do not need extra motivation to be goofy, but had PLENTY of it out on the Harrison Creek Trail yesterday!

Come along for today's comedy show. Notice my parallel, on trail, skis as the video clip starts. We were trotting along nicely until this comedy act broke out. Watch as both Jack & Rudy are simultaneously distracted off trail by rodents under the snow. Then watch as the goofballs proceed to dig & dunk in the snow in their quest for rodents. Silly kids....

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

As I said, the number of wildlife distractions on the trail only egged these two on :)

Both goofs drifted off trail again to stand in moose tracks as they
scan the trees for the moose.

A little further along and those pesky rodents were clearly very busy and loud under the snow yesterday morning...

"Digging!!!!" demonstrates silly Jack.
"INCOMING!" contributes Rudy with a beautiful rodent swan dive.

Even when I got them on trail to skijor, it was still distractions everywhere. Notice anything unusual in the following photo?

Next to my right ski - those are frozen elk footprints in the trail.
Notice the elk prints go down the center of the trail.
Jack & Rudy certainly noticed :)

Ok, we really did skijor more than hunt. Here's one beautiful stretch of distraction free trail:

Whee! Skijoring! :)

Of course, Jack & Rudy are quite proud of their behavior and antics. It's rare that BOTH are in super comical moods on the same outing...

"Hey, we heard you laughing! You loved it!" proclaims the proud goofballs.

7.2 miles traveled with 500 feet of elevation climbed, a top speed of 20 MPH and many, many comical wildlife distractions.

2022/2023 Season to Date: 12 days on the trails covering 81.3 miles with 6750 feet of elevation climbed.

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