Saturday, March 11, 2023

Powder Day

Laying fresh tracks to start this morning's skijor on Baldy Mountain!

First on the trail to enjoy the morning's fresh snow! Wheeee!

What's that building, you wonder? Well, it is an old abandoned cabin from the mining days in Breckenridge in the 1800s. Need proof it is really 150+ years old? Well, look to the upper right corner of the photo and you see the outhouse that was this cabin's bathroom back when it was inhabited :)

With 6+ inches of fresh snow this morning, we went to one of our favorite powder day destinations: the steep trails on Baldy Mountain. We did two laps around the historic Iowa Mill. Well, it has become a ritual with Jack & Rudy at the mill this season: snow angels from Jack and woos from Rudy. Silly kids.

Rolling and wooing at Iowa Mill.
Yes, this is at least the 4th "roll & woo" photo we've had at Iowa Mill
this season!

On the second lap by the mill, we climbed a couple 100 feet above the mill to get on an untouched side trail. It was powder plowing on this trail!

Breaking trail and blasting through 6-8 inches of powder. POW!

Come along for today's powder day video. We begin this clip breaking trail and blasting through 6-8 inches of powder on an untouched side trail. Then, we round a corner at the historic Iowa Mill to take off in a few pre-existing tracks on this popular main trail. As we get to the mill, if your volume is up, you'll hear me call out a "left" and then "right". I do this so Jack & Rudy will drift left at first so I can begin the right corner on my skis before calling them back "right" to rejoin me once I've rounded the corner (if I only said "right", the fast kids would cut the corner tighter than I can make it on cross country skis). Perfect listening/performing skills from my great partners.

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Then, as is always the case, we got to fly by oncoming skiers on the popular main trail and put smiles on faces :)

"Hi! Bye! Made you smile!" says fun Jack & Rudy cruising on by.

After an aerobic powder day, the kids are really ready for end of run treats.

"Ready to refuel!" declares the happy, hard working sled dogs.

Great powder day on steep Baldy Mountain: 6.5 miles traveled with 1100 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 21 MPH.

2022/2023 Season to Date: 106 days on the trails covering 937.8 miles with 86,600 feet of elevation climbed.

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