Saturday, March 18, 2023

Pristine Start

Look at this perfect, pristine trail we came across to start this morning's skijor!!!

Freshly groomed so we zoomed :)

It was -13 F (yes, 13 BELOW zero) when we started this morning's outing. What do you think that meant to the Siberian Huskies, Jack & Rudy, at our turnaround point of the outing?

"Must roll snow angels to cool our jets!" says the 13 below snow
rolling goofballs!

Back to skijoring. Today's video highlight is the pristine trail we found to start the outing. Come along for the fast & fun start to the day. Zoom! 

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Notice in the above video that the "untouched pristine" trail only lasted for about 25-30 seconds of skijoring before we are sharing the groomed trail with recent snowmobile tracks. While we have no problem skijoring in fresh snowmobile tracks, Jack & Rudy (as well as me) always prefer a groomer corduroy if we have the choice. As a result, Jack & Rudy were automatically drifting back and forth across the trail to get on corduroys whenever possible. Smart kids.

Good corduroy on the right side, so that is where my partners went!

I never actually had to say anything all morning long. When the corduroy became better on one side of the trail, the kids moved to that side (and vice versa and vice versa all morning long). Smart kids!

Good corduroy on the left so that is where you find Jack & Rudy,

The following photo cracked me up (along with others). You have to cross Highway 40 to get to the parking lot from the trail we were on today. We arrived at the crossing point with a group of snowmobilers. Here's what the snow machines did while waiting for an opening in the traffic:

Snowmobile snow machines: idle and wait.
Jack snow machine: "We stopped, I roll!"
Rudy snow machine: "Chomp, chomp, tasty snowcones here!"

There were two snowmobiles directly to my right (out of the view of the camera). One of the drivers pointed out Jack to the other driver and they started cracking up. I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and said, "He always does that!" What a comedian.

While the snowmobiles get a gas refill at the end of a run, the sled dog snow machines get pork to refill at the end of a run :)

"Ready to refuel!" declares my focused partners.

Despite the cold temperatures, I have proper equipment so it was a beautiful morning to skijor the gently rolling Buffalo Park Trail at Rabbit Ears Pass: 10.2 miles traveled with 600 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 22 MPH.

2022/2023 Season to Date: 112 days on the trails covering 993.5 miles with 90,700 feet of elevation climbed.


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